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Falsifiability-Philosophy of Science

Falsifiability-Philosophy of Science

Understanding the philosophy of science- Enter Fal-see-fiability

By Abid Iqbal Choon

A graphical illustration showing the difference between theory and fact. SOURCE:

Science has been wonderful in the past decade where technology has been rapidly growing and hence, improving the quality of our lives. Tell someone ten years ago Continue reading “Falsifiability-Philosophy of Science”

What the Frack?

What the Frack?

By Arvin Charles

Jordan’s First Shale Oil Plant – CBNME.COM

Fracking and Shale Gas

Shale gas is a form of natural gas comprising predominately of methane, found trapped between layers of shale rock formations. Unlike conventional natural gas and oil which are found as reservoirs and pools underground which flow naturally or can be pumped to the surface using extraction wells Continue reading “What the Frack?”