1. Going paperless is not going penless (or pencil-less)

Everyone knows paper is made of trees and more paper means more trees are being cut down and the Earth gets warmer in the end. Going paperless is the way to go but, humankind has been utilizing paper with pencils and pens since they were first invented and taking that away is crippling, to say the least. Luckily, some genius invented Phree, a smart pen with which you can scribble anywhere (without vandalizing anywhere) and record that into your smartphone or tablet. For artists who miss the sensation of depth and friction of graphite pencil with paper, now with The Slate, you don’t have to throw away your favorite pencil anymore. Just slide a ring into your pencil and draw away!

Figure 1. The Phree Pen (source: https://otmtech.com/)
Figure 2. The Slate (source: http://www.iskn.co/)

  1. Get your hands into it!

Remember the scene in Iron Man 2, where Tony Stark uses his hand to wrap up a bunch of floating holograms and throws it like a basketball as a gimmick of deleting the file? Now that future is not distant anymore. Leap Motion offers you the ability to interact with any of the already existing computers with your hand gestures. Just point, wave, scribble in the air or even pair it up with virtual reality headset to grab and throw those formerly intangible virtual blocks or even better, pull the trigger on a CS mission. It works somehow like a Kinect but just imagine having a Kinect that pairs up with any computer you have at hand and you have Leap Motion!

Figure 3. The Leap Motion (source: https://www.leapmotion.com/)

  1. One screen is never enough

If you are like me; who thinks one screen is never enough, then Slide n Joy is perfect for you. Have one of these and turn your laptop experience into 3 screen experience and multitask like you never did before. Play games, touch up on your coursework or overview your social page, all at the same time. You like Powerpoint presentation on a small scale meeting? Re-adjust the screens to enable them to be viewed at all sides of the table and lead the meeting like a boss!

Figure 4. Slide N Joy (source: https://slidenjoy.com/en/)


  1. Moo-nitor your cows

Ever worried about cows you own that never existed? Ever thought that you weren’t taking good enough care of these mythical creatures? Well, fear not, my friends, as modern technology comes into play. Tag this on your ‘cows’ and you’ll be able to keep watch on them even if you’re not there.

This new tech will be tracking your cows from the day it was born till the day it gets slaughtered and served onto your Big Mac. It moo-nitors its wellbeing, whether it’s ready for insemination to ensure quality offspring or whether its ready to die. Thus, your offspring’s offspring and so on will develop a physique of a less healthy person.

Note: The cows referred to are four legged mammals but you can use it on two legged mammals too.

Figure 5. Hamburger (source: https://www.economist.com/technology-quarterly/2016-06-09/factory-fresh#section-5)
  1. You die, your watch dies, so don’t kill yourself

Ever wanted to lose weight? Ever thought, hey, I’m gonna exercise as long as this watch runs? Well then, this is just the watch for you. A watch that runs on your body heat, so as long as you keep exercising, it’ll keep running. Exercise until you have risen from the material world. Just so that we can pry the watch off your unmoving body and resell it.

Figure 6. The Matrix Superwatch (source: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smartwatch-powered-by-you-matrix-powerwatch-watch-fitness)

Alternatively, stick this small band-aid to the tip of your finger to send information, eg. location, time, etc. to your doctors when you’re having vigorous exercise in your bedroom, like my next door neighbor.

Figure 7. The band aid (source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/16/13655508/wearable-stethoscope-stick-on-temporary-tattoo-heart-voice)

  1. 3D printed magnets

If you thought magnets were hard to learn wait till you see 3D printed magnets. These magnets may not help improve your understanding of the magnetic force, but it definitely makes you feel better about not having to learn the train-wreck that is 3D printed magnets. These awesome magnets are mostly made of magnetic granules that are melted then printed layer by layer unto an intense magnetic field just like Nadeje Mille Crepe cake back home. Yes, it’s just as intense!

Figure 8. Magnetic field (source: http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21710233-3d-printers-promise-better-cheaper-and-more-powerful-magnets-magnetic-moments?fsrc=permar|image3)

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