The Sky Is Not The Limit For Malaysian Aerospace Company

by Goh Lian Ming


Since 2007, Independence X Aerospace (IDXA) has been fighting and competing in the $30million Google Lunar X-Prize Competition. Fast forward to today, they are the only Malaysian team, even, the only Southeast Asian team shortlisted for a mission to launch a spacecraft to land on the Moon, travel for 500 metres, and stream back High Definition (HD) images and videos of the Moon.


8000 applications, 16 finalist, 1 goal.


Offering insanely high amounts of incentive, Google and X-Prize have come together to motivate the world to advance towards the space industry. In addition to the challenges of the mission, Google has set out a rule that states that the project as a whole must be at least 90% privately funded. 

This rule not only challenges the unity of one’s nation to support its representative but also encourages more private parties and companies to contribute to the technological breakthroughs of this industry.


For the past 9 years, IDXA hasky2s proved the capability of what a group of committed Malaysians sharing a
similar belief can do. We are a country blessed with a strategic land of minimal natural disasters filled with extremely high potential individuals. In other words, it is certainly possible if all these highly capable individuals gather and work together to build a great nation of the world.


Malaysia has previously had impressive success when it comes to the utilization of outer space. The first satellite ever launched was the Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union in 1957, and it only took Malaysia 39 years to catch up with the world to launch our first ever MEASAT satellite in 1996. Considering our deep colonial roots and focus on racial tension and integration issues in our inception, that is an amazing feat.


sky3Since then, Malaysia has joined the space-race along the big space players of today and there are currently 6 Malaysian communication satellites up in orbit around Earth covering over 150 countries. Not only that, Malaysia has also previously participated in cancer cell research in microgravity through astronaut and orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha, who was flown to the International Space Station for his research


IDXA strongly believes that Malaysia definitely has the recipe to be one of the great nations of the world today when it comes to outer space exploration and research. This is why they have the courage to step up and be the pioneer to inspire and motivate many more Malaysians to grow the country together.


To those who are interested to support them, please check out their project here:

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