Weekly Discussion

It’s a pretty prominent issue and it’s pretty universal. It’s the wellbeing of our planet.

Climate change is real regardless of whether it’s actually “a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese” as yelled from the podium by president elect Trump. Regardless of how selfish you want to be, your actions will affect the planet. It doesn’t matter if your neighbour or mother or cow doesn’t recycle, you should. Anyways, we can see the statistical proof, all the change that the planet is going through and the multitude of questions that go unasked, so let’s talk about that.

1. Why isn’t the Malaysian government fully utilising the resources we have in abundance??

2. Is the future generation doing more good than the previous generation due to the social consciousness that’s implemented in their daily lives?

3. When is green tech going to be apart of our daily lives? Or is it never going to be?

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