ENSEARCH or the Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia is a non-profit association of organisations, professionals, students and people with interest in learning and promoting effective ways to manage the impacts of human activities on the environment. The members of ENSEARCH believe that all are responsible for managing and mitigating the impacts of their corporate, professional and daily living activities on the environment. Thus, the motto of the association is; ENSEARCH for a Better Environment.

One of their primary initiatives is the K. Kumarasivam Endowment Fund that aims to promote the spirit of innovation, creativity and leadership in addressing environmental problems in Malaysia.

Two types of awards are given annually, from the investment proceeds from the Fund. They are:
– A Memorial Public Lecture Award
– Young Environmentalist Award
In drafting the concepts and implementation procedures for the awards the promoters recognized the importance of ensuring that the awards have unique characteristics, will gain respect and support from both Malaysian environment, and is sustainable.

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