6 common misconception trivia you can brag to your friends

Established scientific science is thing that has been through rigorous and tight screening under the discipline of science. However, there are few myths that has been circulating for so long that it has been even considered as a scientific fact by some people even though the myths does not even based on real scientific research. There are also cases of advertising propaganda that twists the mind of popular mass in order to increase sales revenue of certain things. Listed below is 6 of those common scientific myths.

  1. You can be poisoned by mere (read: more than enough) water

Ever since I can think, the “8 glass of water a day” rule has always been a thing. Well guess what, that rule is not necessarily true. Drinking more than your body need does not do you a favor but can also lead to hyponatraemia; a medical condition caused by low concentration of sodium ions in blood. The cause of the dilution of sodium ion is that when a person consumes too much water and dilutes his or her blood. Besides, when you drink lot of water, you pee more and when you drink less water, you just simply pee less. The rule is that drink according to when you are thirsty. Our body is smart, it can tell us when we need to drink and when we should stop.



  1. Bulls do not have a beef with you if you’re wearing red

When I was in the secondary school, whenever I jog in the evening, I always avoid wearing red shirt, because back in my place, people free-rear their cows (the cows roam the village) so there is a high chance I’ll ran into a cow. If I ran into one, wearing red, I was 100% sure that those mighty beasts will come after my life. All of this misunderstanding was based on the color of muletta-the cape that the matadors waved at the bull in the stadium. The muletta is traditionally red not because the bull goes crazy when it sees red – red is chosen to attract the attention of the audience, the same reasoning why red is chosen to represent stop in the traffic lights. In fact, cows are dichromatic, they can only see green and blue – they couldn’t even see red. The reason why the bull goes crazy over the muletta is because the act of waving the muletta – NOT its color. Oh if you ask me if I ever been chased by a cow, the answer is yes – because I was too close to its baby and I was not wearing red at that time.



  1. Pop that arthritis

Everyone within the hearing vicinity of you popping your knuckles or neck or back or wherever cringe at that horrific sound and has an opinion that they really want you to know even though you really do not care, “you’re going to get arthritis!” or “it’s bad for your joints!” “you goanna die!”. Wait, what? Why? Where’s the science behind that claim? Fear not, my popping buddies, we have science on our side. No, it does not cause arthritis. As its term suggests, you’re popping a bubble in your synovial fluid that resides between your bones. Fun fact, a awesome dude, Dr Donald Unger cracked only his left side of his knuckles for over 60 years and published in his journal his findings. Popping your knuckles does not cause arthritis, I repeat, it does not cause arthritis.

[Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/59896/does-cracking-your-knuckles-really-give-you-arthritis]


  1. The 10 per cent

Ah Scarlett Johansen, I love you as Black Widow but watching Lucy (2014) was just hilarious. Plus, they even added Morgan Freeman to convince you that the myth is true, I don’t blame you though, it’s hard to not believe in the voice of God.

“We only use 10% per cent of our brain, that’s why Einstein was so smart! He used more than that!” Goodness gracious, whoever goes around saying that must really only use 10% of what they don’t have. No, folks, it’s false. We do not have some sort of untapped internal brain smarts within our skulls, we do fully utilise the brain or else we’ll be dead. Brain scans have proven that even talking would spark up more than 0.1 of your brain nerves, why on earth would you believe this?

[Source: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20121112-do-we-only-use-10-of-our-brains%5D


  1. New Diet! Guaranteed to work!! Just Makan Angin!!!

Remember how a sudden wave of people converted to vegan food not because they have a gluten or wheat allergy but because “it’s healthy!” or “it totally saves the planet!” now, let me introduce you to a whole new diet. It’s completely free, you will lose weight and potentially die but you will definitely lose weight. What do you live on? Air. Yup, you heard me right, you just live on air. There’s a group of people that calls themselves “Breatharians” that believe that you can live off air and that’s the solution to world hunger. Of course that’s the solution! Why didn’t I think of that! If we don’t eat then we die, so technically it did sort of solve my deadly hunger problems, by ending me.

*Disclaimer: please do not believe in any of the sarcasm mentioned in the article and try this at home. Do eat your mama’s cooking


  1. Blue Blood

Do you ever look at your veins and wonder why they’re blue? Maybe because your blood is blue in colour and that explains why your veins are blue! No, don’t believe that, it’s false. There is a myth going around and there are people going around believing it. This is about how deoxygenated blood is blue but it turns red once it comes into contact with oxygen. What a convenient lie. Unfortunately, even the royal family has red blood coursing through their veins. We all have a bloody red blood; it does not magically turn dark red when oxygen touches it. Oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood simply have different shades of red colour, do not attempt to cut yourself to find out. It may be…a bloody accident.

[Source: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/09/de-oxygenated-blood-turns-dark-red-not-blue/




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