From the 1st to the 10th of December 2016, a group of 10 talented secondary students went on a once-in-a-lifetime learning trip to Silicon Valley (home to many start-ups and global technology companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.).

It all started on the 26th October 2016, where 33 students were selected from various  digital making competitions held previously throughout Malaysia (Lego, Vex, Young Innovate, etc.) and were gathered together at Digital Maker Hub, Cyberjaya for 3 days, along with their respective winning projects. During this period, they attended 2 accelerator labs to train their presentation and communication skills. Throughout this time, they refined their prototypes, developed business models and pitched their ideas to judges consisting of corporate leaders, a professor from MIT Sloan school of business, entrepreneurs, etc.

26th October 2016 was the demonstration and pitching day for the selection of the top 10 candidates

Introduction from Says about these awesome bunch of students:

As the world is moving towards digital technology, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a government sponsored initiative to create a hi-tech business corridor in Malaysia, organized the Malaysia Digital Maker Global Exchange (MYDMGX) programme where the ultimate goal is was to promote STEM and digital maker education among the younger generation.

The 10 students visited top universities and technology companies amidst receiving additional coaching from Silicon Valley engineers, investors and venture capitalists. They also pitched their ideas at a mini Shark Tank (fittingly named the Dolphin Tank).


Wonder what got them selected to be the top 10 across the country?

Here are a few photos showing their awesome projects that which they built from scratch!

For more photos and their tories, visit:

An automated selfie camera built to tackle the problem of tourists crossing into paddy field zones. Kok Wei and Chin Guan both noticed this issue when the paddy fields around their hometown got destroyed by tourist frequently crossing and stepping into the field for the sake of taking a good shot. Hence, they came up with this idea to catch people trespassing into private paddy fields and duly notifying the paddy field owner about the situation.




An automatic haze detector!

Shi Qi and Min Han both thought of making something that can measure the condition of the haze in their neighborhood as there aren’t any device as such around their village. This product could better help people to cope with the worsening condition of haze or air pollution.



Dakshayanie and Thayalan made a smoke detector to help their own secondary school to prevent students from smoking in the school toilets.

Discipline teachers would surely appreciate this smart technology!



































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