Career Paths


Be Edward Cullen in a suit (Banker)

We came into this field, perhaps with hopes of staying in this field, to get our money’s worth at least. But what’s so wrong with the banking industry? Every job has its perks, even if it has a reputation for being a legal loan shark that sucks away your blood and soul. Remember that we’re walking into an ever-changing world once we throw our hats into the air. That’s when the real shit comes pouring down the sky. Banking is a tough industry, it pays well and there are reasons why they hire us. We spend years learning about “engineering” but it’s how our brains twist and turn that sticks with us. And that’s what the bank wants.

The job where young kids call you sir/ma’am, if you’re into that (Educator)

Let’s be honest, the Malaysian education system isn’t exactly what Malaysians are proud of. We are always in need of more teachers. Good, qualified, sincere ones at that. Being an educator means you have a responsibility in building the next generation, it is such an underrated job and extremely underpaid as well. It does require skill and training but a teacher’s job is to transfer their knowledge to students. So, why not all the crap you spent a quarter of your life learning then? If you want to make a change in the world, and walk the route less taken, please for the sake of the new batch of wide-eyed Malaysians, go rub some sense into the young ones.

Time to bring out your seducing skills (Technical Sales)

What do you think when you hear technical sales, anyway? Selling stuff perhaps?

You aren’t very far from the job description… Bring out you’re the persuasion skill you used on the bartender to give you an extra drink, this job needs you to convince new clients to believe that you have the greatest thing out there, and that they need it in their company now. But, it’s sales. How many horror stories out there about working in this line, where your skin has to be thicker than Trump’s wall. Side note, this job will also require you to manage the clientele, from advising them, calculating their costs, negotiating the contract, etc. It’s tough.

Suit Up! (Law)

It’s not what you think, it’s not going into a crime scene and being Sherlock Holmes. Engineers obviously have knowledge in science and engineering, now add a whole bunch of law into the cauldron. We get a patent attorney. We know patents are meant for a sort protection of your intellectual property. For being innovative, the government got your back. The patent will expire in its time, depending on the product. So, who acts as the medium between the big bully government and the manufacturer? Yay, it’s the patent attorney. Unfortunately, patent attorneys don’t get their own “Suits” daytime TV show, you do get to wear a suit though.

Perfect if you like to lie or spout shit from your mouth (Politician)

Malaysia is pretty well known overseas (at least to my surprise) for our weather, fantastic food and our great supreme leader. It’s okay, you can either join the ranks of those nice people sitting on top of power or actually give us next generation a new hope. What’s there to say about being a politician? Then again, what’s there not to say about a politician? False news on Facebook seems to inject people with some sort of notion that anyone can be a politician. With Trump’s inauguration, I truly, with all my heart, believe anything is possible in this hell on earth. On another note, don’t mind me, if you’re not a racist, sexist or rapist, you would have my vote, unlike the half of the United States of America.

Sign up: To study for life (Researcher)

You’ve studied for about 24-ish years, what’s another 75? It’s less than a blink of an eye considering how old the earth is. Why not be a petty sacrifice for the greater humanity and push forward technology so that I don’t have to get out of the couch to get some goddamn chips. “I’ve spent my life researching this!!” Ah, what a common line in the movies. Researchers probably do devote their life, soul and emotions to their research though. Some even gain glory after their deaths, unable to savour the feeling of being famous. The job descriptions for a researcher pretty much speaks for itself in its name. So, please sign up, and blow our tiny brains out (figuratively, I do not condone violence).

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