Someone please get the devil a chewing gum

Devil’s Breath, its scary name comes with a terrifying urban legend, as all urban legend goes; it is mostly false and very click bait. The actual name for Devil’s Breath is scopolamine, which becomes much less horrifying and less fun to mention over a campfire. Scopolamine has been accused of “zombifying” victims, robbing them of free will. The stories come in all sort of sizes, the most popular one is which the Devil’s Breath is blown to your face and you magically become a lifeless ghoul. Well, scientists think it’s quite unlikely that scopolamine works that way since they have after all, dedicated their lives to research. In conclusion, most of the stories about scopolamine are simply, just stories.


Source: https://www.theguardian.com/society/shortcuts/2015/sep/02/devils-breath-aka-scopolamine-can-it-really-zombify-you

The Smelliest Drug You’ll Ever Find

Do you know what’s worse than bad food? Fermented bad food.

If your friend ever dares you to ‘eat your own feces’, hit a Zambian child up for some great Jenkam, a hallucinogenic inhalant. Prime (and only) ingredient? Fermented human excretion. Imagine all the great conversations you can have. “Dude you are so full of s***,” he says, after inhaling some Jenkam. He thinks he’s funny. You take some more Jenkam to deal with his terrible humor. Donate all your money to Zambian children. Please. Don’t force them to do sh**ty (ha) jobs like this. Personally, I think the hallucinations you get from Jenkam are the body’s way of dealing with extra horrible odors. I mean, fermented human feces.

Remember kids, if you ever get curious about drugs and don’t have the money for normal ones like marijuana, you can always scrape bits of your poop from the toilet and bottle it up for a week or so. Saves money. And technically, it’s recycling.


Take this to become the Crocodile Man!

Krokodil, an odd name for a dangerous drug, doesn’t seem to have that villainous flare to it. Names can be as deceiving as people’s backstabbing personalities, this drug is infamous in Russia as drug addicts who take it would have patches of flesh turning, as you can guess from its name, similar to a crocodile. From the perspective of a drug addict/abuser, it is easy to understand why krokodil is popular. First off, it can be made right in your home kitchen. Therefore, it is cheap. That’s most of the list of reasons why it is popular in Russia. The product was probably advertised, which it is obviously not, as “Cheap! Easy to make! Side effects include bursting blood vessels and death to your tissue, and therefore a extremely early death!”. So, kids, don’t do drugs, seriously don’t, it’s damaging to the aesthetics.


Source: http://time.com/3398086/the-worlds-deadliest-drug-inside-a-krokodil-cookhouse/

Salts not for consumption and not from your salty self

Bath salts. Nice things you’re supposed to put in a nice tub of warm water and have a nice, petty smelling soak.

Bath salts. Drugs that can kill.

Well, it depends on how you use it, as overdosing on any drugs can kill.

This type of bath salts is quite the opposite of the kind you toss into water for a bath. For one, it’s definitely not for a relaxing experience. Users have signs of aggressive behavior, panic attacks and paranoia, and that’s only the mental part of the side effects. Lesson of the article: don’t mistake actual bath salts for these kind of bad salts. If you do, you’re in for a bad time.

Pretty cough syrup for the Snapchat

It’s curious how drugs can originate from so many things, e.g. plants, goddamn cough syrup. Who would have thought, cough syrup, something you’re supposed to dread when you were a kid, because that was the only downside to being sick since you got to stay at home and watch morning cartoons. Now, I repeat, cough syrup is mixed in with soda water and sweets to get high. That sounds like a concoction a small child would make and mess up the whole kitchen. This weird “potion” has a name: Purple Drank. Goodness gracious, who hire this guy to name stuff? It was more popular in the 90’s, hyped up by rappers in their raps. Although it does seem a bit more innocent than crystal meth perhaps, it is by no means a drink to take lightly. You can die of this, actually it would give you respiratory issues and heart failure but it will be sufficient to bring forward your death.


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/what-does-getting-high-on-sizzurp-feel-like?utm_term=.kuNk5nqER#.luePg3ek1

Weed, but like it’s organic you know

Weed is legal in many places now; it has evolved to some sort of recreational activity. It’s odd how drugs, weed specifically, is now normalized in our modern culture and even legalized in the state of California now (gasp!) when females can’t even get equal pay. What a joke, eh? Anyways, this little snippet isn’t talking about weed weed, it’s slamming weed weed. Synthetic marijuana is less organic than the title suggests, it is man made, people, alert the authorities. However, this fake weed is more dangerous than the authentic homegrown weed but it is very cheap which attracts most of the consumers. Plus, it is rather difficult for this drug to appear on a drug test so it is somewhat cheating the system. Still, don’t do drugs.


Source: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/crime/2016/02/synthetic_marijuana_is_a_weird_and_confusing_drug_here_s_what_you_need_to.html


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