greener fuel 1

Yes, we’ve been here before. It’s the same old little bits propagating the larger message beyond different words, we are back at it again with the environmental friendly content. Now, let’s see what’s the fuss about.

  1. Hydrogen fuel cell

After watching Hidden Figures, I was reminded of how unfairly oppressed the African Americans were in the late 20th century (and still are to a great extent) and rekindled my love for space plus the wonders surrounding it. So, here’s a little tidbit for you to digest on this fine grey day: NASA uses liquid hydrogen to send our kind above the atmosphere and beyond. It powers a rocket, guys. Of course it’ll move a car.

“Fuel cell” may seem mildly intimidating but it’s simple chemistry if stripped of all complex mathematics and science behind it. How does it work? It generates electricity, heat and water from hydrogen and oxygen, thus the vehicle would run on electricity. The other products of the chemical reaction does not harm the environment which is the obvious plus.

greener fuel 2

  1. Electricity

You’ve driven past the special parking spot reserved for EVs in KLCC or Pavilion with great envy because it’s lunch hour and there’s no parking spaces available after the fifth round of circling the lot. Ever wonder what on earth makes EVs so special?

It’s electricity, so it’s the same old story, it’s green. It replaces internal combustion engines with batteries, which significantly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Though there is a significant rise in sales of EVs in recent years, especially in the community of social media influencers, which brings forth the the good image of green vehicles to the younger generation. So maybe there will be more parking spaces for EVs; so you either go and buy one by selling your kidney or just drive by with envy.

greener fuel 3

  1. Compressed air

Trigger warning: Thermodynamics. Don’t panic guys, calm down, it’s nothing. Let’s recap all those traumatic memories from this topic. What drives the piston moving would be heated air instead products of combustion (refresh memory from that class about Engineering Systems my dear mechanical engineers). Although as amazing as it sounds and the hope it brings forth, it does require a great deal of improvement to be put out as an actual competitor in the automotive industry. Taking a detour from the main green fuel theme for a moment, the car looks like the toy car kids sit in while the parents push them around the shopping mall, it’s adorable, put a dog in it please. It’s still a fantastic idea that should be given more room to shine.

greener fuel 4

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